• Professor Emeritus
  • FAX: 979-845-6259

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Rice University, 1970
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, 1966
  • B.A., Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, 1965

Research Interests

    • Control Systems - Theory and Applications
    • Dynamical Systems Modeling
    • Linear Systems
    • Engineering Systems Design and Design Methodologies
    • Hybrid Vehicles
    • Optimization
    • Automotive Control Systems
    • Linear Algebra
    • Semiconductor Processing Controls

Selected Publications

  • Decoupling and Arbitrary Publications: Pole Placement in Linear Systems." IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, J.B. Pearson, December 1970.
  • On the Controllability of Cascade Linear Systems," IEEE Trans Automatic Control, F.M. Brasch and J.B. Pearson, April 1971.
  • Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Decoupling Using Output Feedback," IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, February 1973.
  • On the Design of Observers with Specified Eigenvalues," IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, R.K. Cavin and Thisayakorn, August 1975.
  • Eigenvalue Properties of Structural Mean-Axis Systems," Journal of Aircraft, R.K. Cavin, III and C. Thisayakorn, May 1976.
  • Necessary Conditions for a Class of Smooth Second Order Distributed Systems," IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, R.K. Cavin, III and S.C. Tandon, June 1976.
  • Model Following with Partial State Feedback," IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, C. Thisayakorn and R.K. Cavin, III, December 1976.
  • On the Sensitivity of C.C.D. Transversal Filter Response to Charge Retention," IEEE Trans. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, H. Sundberg and R.K. Cavin, III, February 1977.
  • Output Feedback Stabilization Using a Global Method for Solving Polynomial Inequalities," IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, L.F. Miller and R.G. Cochran, February 1977.
  • A Compensation Scheme for the Desensitization of Multivariable Regulator Eigenvalues," Proc. of the National Engineering Consortium Forum on Alternatives for Linear Multivariable Control, Chicago, October 13-14, 1977.