• Professor Emeritus, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Chin B. Su

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Physics, Brandeis University – 1979

Research Interests

    • Surface Plasmon  Resonance (SPR) Sensors for Bio-Detection:
    • Multipass SPR
    • Field Assist SPR 
    • Formulas for SPR Calculations Using Matrix Techniques 
    • Fiber Optic Ratio Meter for Fast Measurement of Refractive Index of Liquid
    • Surface Plasmon Modes in Nanoparticles
    • Gold-Silica Nanoshell (doc)

Awards & Honors

  • 1985 Leslie H. Warner Technical Achievement Award
  • 1991 Texas Engineering Experimental Station Fellow
  • 1993 Haliburton Award of Excellence

Selected Publications

  • C. B. Su, “An analytical solution of kinks and nonlinearities driven by near-field displacement instabilities in stripe geometry diode lasers," J. Applied. Physics, Vol. 52, No.2, pp. 2665-2673 ,1981.
  • C. B. Su and R. Olshansky, “Carrier lifetime measurement for determination of recombination rates and doping levels of III-V semiconductor light sources," Applied Physics Lett., Vol.41, No. 9, pp. 833-835, 1982.
  • J. Lee and C. B. Su, “Near Ballistic transport in a non-parabolic band structure for n- and p-GaAs," IEEE Transactions Electron Devices, Vol. ED-29, No. 5, pp. 933-935, 1982.
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  • C. B. Su, J. Schlafer, J. Manning and R. Olshansky, “Measurement of radiative recombination coefficient and carrier leakage in 1.3 micron InGaAsP lasers with lightly doped active layers," Electronics Lett. , Vol. 18, No. 25/26, pp. 1108-1110, 1982.
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