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Students looking at a smart grid.

Power systems and smart grids represent the backbone of civil society. Here at Texas A&M, our department is pushing the research and educational boundaries to design a more resilient, cleaner, affordable electricity service that will power economies for the 21st century. From developing large-scale synthetic grid models to harnessing the end user's flexibility and large computing loads, the department has a long history of excellence in pioneering novel, technological and market solutions for the electric power system.

Research Advancements

Dr. Mladen Kezunovic is leading a team of Texas A&M researchers as part of a larger consortium of experts to bridge the gap between smart grid, storage and renewable energy research and facilitate their subsequent adoption by utilities worldwide.

Dr. Le Xie organized a National Science Foundation conference in April, which brought together multidisciplinary researchers from various universities and organizations in an effort to decarbonize the energy and transportation sectors.

Dr. Le Xie and his research collaborators received the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power and Energy Society Technical Committee Prize Paper Award for their paper, which introduces a novel approach to assessing and providing assurance for microgrid stability.

Multidisciplinary Collaborations

Leading industry professionals and researchers from Texas A&M University discussed the impact of blockchain-based large flexible loads on the power grid at the Blockchain and Energy Research Consortium Workshop.

Dr. Le Xie is working to bring more awareness to the importance of data science integration as it relates to the power grid. He has developed courses at Texas A&M University in this area and recently published a textbook on the topic.

Affiliated Centers

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) Smart Grid Center connects academia, industry and government. The purpose of the center is to consider and implement smart grid applications across multiple fields, as widespread adoption of smart grid technologies requires collaborative efforts among all stakeholders.

The Control Room Lab (CRL) with the Smart Grid Center (SGC) is an innovative vision of a large-scale, seamlessly integrated Power System Control Center of the future, featuring an integrated training room and facilities that emulate end-to-end control systems.