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Rendering of future cityscape

The world is changing at an accelerating pace. Understanding the drivers of change is more critical than ever. The future will require a new way of doing things. A new plan. A new vision. 

The American Society of Civil Engineers’ Future World Vision has categorized several future cities such as the Mega City, a city of 50 million people; Floating City, an offshore city as sea levels rise; Rural City, self-sufficient agricultural communities; Frozen City, cities in the Arctic region due to climate change; and Off-planet City, Lunar/Martian habitats.

Roles and challenges that civil engineers take toward those future cities are unprecedented and must be interdisciplinary within areas in civil-environmental engineering and cross/trans-disciplinary supported by other fields.

Some of Our Research Specialties

  • Green materials/buildings
  • Energy and environment
  • Integrated urban infrastructure
  • Innovative design and construction
  • Innovative construction materials
  • Smart transportation
  • Smart water
  • Structures/materials with environment

Area faculty and researchers: