Certificate Overview

Why choose Engineering Online

Advance your career with our Engineering Online program! Backed by the university's esteemed reputation and national recognition in engineering education, you'll engage directly with industry leaders and a rigorous curriculum. Beyond graduation, tap into the extensive Aggie Alumni Network, offering invaluable connections to propel your career forward.

Certificate Highlights

12 credit certificate program
100% online option
2x start fall or spring semester

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Discover answers to frequently asked questions tailored to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your education with Engineering Online.

Use EngineeringCAS to apply for the distance education version of the certificate. Follow the provided instructions as they may differ from certificate to certificate.

To calculate cost, select the semester you’ll start, choose “Engineering” from the drop-down menu, and slide “Hours” to how many you’ll take each semester. Your total cost is Tuition and Required Fees + Engineering Program Fee (Remote).

Questions? Email sreeram.vaddiraju@tamu.edu!