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Two students bend over an experiment in a docked boat.

Welcome to the graduate program for the Department of Ocean Engineering. Students entering the program have widely varied engineering backgrounds. Each graduate student is expected to become well versed in the appropriate support disciplines, particularly mathematics and hydromechanics. The student is expected to achieve reasonable competence in the principal areas of offshore structures, estuary and coastal engineering, dredging and/or mining processes, or marine hydrodynamics.

The graduate program is designed to provide students with knowledge of engineering in the ocean environment and to establish a base for ocean engineering research. In addition to areas of study available in the undergraduate program, advanced courses are given in hydromechanics, oceanography, mathematics, coastal engineering, environmental fluid mechanics, estuary hydrodynamics, offshore structures, marine foundations, marine dredging, ocean, port and harbor design, laboratory modeling, nonlinear hydrodynamics, and numerical methods.

Degrees Offered