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Earning a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary engineering allows students to develop unique skill sets and specialize in areas that may not be provided in a traditional department degree program. Such specializations may be driven by emerging technical fields or by a student’s desire to have an immersive interdisciplinary experience. Multidisciplinary students graduate with a specific set of skills resulting from a unique program of study.

The Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary engineering is comprised of 66 credit hours of standard components and 62 credit hours of interdisciplinary specialization. The 66 standard credits include:

  • common first-year engineering courses
  • engineering ethics
  • an English/communication course
  • two semesters of senior capstone design
  • three additional math courses beyond first-year courses (from an approved list)
  • 18 credits of undergraduate core curriculum.

The 62 remaining credits of specialization may either be determined through a pre-approved program of study or through a student-led design with approval from the Interdisciplinary Engineering Advisory Committee.

Student-Designed Program of Study


For more information about the Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary engineering, contact:

Kareena Menezes

  • Undergraduate Academic Advisor III, Multidisciplinary Engineering
Kareena Menezes