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Students who wish to design their own program of study to achieve a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in interdisciplinary engineering (ITDE) are able to graduate with a unique skill set that does not exist in another degree program. Such specializations may be driven by emerging technical fields or by a student’s desire to have an immersive interdisciplinary experience. While flexible, it is important to note that a student-designed program of study must still have focus, specialization and appropriately selected courses.

Areas of study 

  • common first-year engineering courses
  • engineering ethics
  • communication courses 
  • senior capstone design courses 
  • math courses beyond first-year courses (from an approved list)
  • undergraduate core curriculum

Current Program Requirements 

How to Apply to ITDE

Students interested in designing unique programs of study should consider the following:

  1. What is the student's education interest?
  2. Which specific courses can the student take to ensure 30, at most, of the specialized credit hours come from a single existing program?
  3. Which specific courses can the student take to ensure 40 to 50 credits of the total curriculum are 3XX and 4XX level courses with all prerequisites satisfied and at least one course that satisfies a W or C requirement?

Students interested in designing their own program of study may contact the department at any time, but preferably at least three weeks before the entry-to-a-major application deadline. Students who are interested in changing their major to ITDE must not have completed more than 70 percent of their current program of study. Currently, ITDE does not allow external transfer applicants. 

Programs of study should be designed by the student (with input from the director of ITDE) prior to the student entering ITDE as a degree preference on the entry-to-a-major application.