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Design, Engineer, Build the Future

From integrating innovative technologies in structures to designing more resilient and environmentally friendly buildings, architectural engineers tackle challenges and technological innovations in the planning, designing, constructing and operation of buildings.

Due to the diversity in study and adaptability in practice, architectural engineers are found in a wide variety of careers. In the private and government sector of the industry, their careers include architectural, structural building systems, mechanical building systems, HVAC systems, fire protection systems, electrical and lighting systems and building automation systems, as well as several managerial roles. With the increasing push for sustainability, the need for architectural engineers is more important than ever before.

The College of Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in architectural engineering to prepare students to effectively design building systems (mechanical, electrical and lighting, fire protection, acoustics) and seamlessly integrate them with one another, providing creative solutions to modern and emerging challenges.

Concentration Tracks

Mechanical Building Systems Track 

The Mechanical Building Systems Track prepares students for careers with more emphasis on energy efficiency, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) building environment, and building environmental controls. The focus electives prepare students to design and analyze mechanical systems for buildings.

Structural Building Systems Track

The Structural Building Systems Track prepares students for careers with more emphasis on the structural design and safety of buildings. The focus electives prepare students to design and analyze structural systems for buildings.

About Architectural Engineering

You would enjoy being an architectural engineer if:

  • You are curious and fascinated about how building systems work independently, as well as together as a whole.
  • You are interested in the planning, design, construction, and operation of building systems, buildings, and enclosed structures.
  • You are passionate about the global issues of sustainability, depletion of energy resources, and air quality — indoor and outdoor. 
  • You are concerned about the increasing frequency and effects of weather changes and natural disasters — such as tornados and hurricanes- have on the built environment and people.
  • You enjoy working with and/or leading interdisciplinary teams on diverse projects.
  • You enjoy solving problems and developing innovative solutions that make a difference in people’s lives and society.