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a large group of students on a technical visit to a utility and energy site

Graduates complete 128 semester credit hours that combine courses and experiences in civil, mechanical, electrical, and architectural engineering; engineering technology; architecture; and construction science. The curriculum allows graduates to reach comprehension and application levels in building system areas, whereas the prescribed electives allow graduates to reach a synthesis (design level) in the specialization track of their choice. AREN students complete a summer internship, study abroad, or undergraduate research experience as a means of transferring and integrating their learning to a real world context.

The technical knowledge areas in this course of study are:

  • Engineering principles and sciences
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation for the built environment
  • Building structural analysis and design
  • Building electrical power and lighting
  • Construction management
  • Building energy use and efficiency
  • Sustainable and green buildings
  • Architectural design and history
  • Integration of design and engineering of building systems 
  • Health, safety and comfort in buildings