• Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Erle Nye ’59 Chair II
  • Permanent Member, Hagler Institute for Advanced Study
  • Member, National Academy of Engineering
Edwin L. (Ned) Thomas

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Materials Science with Minors in Materials Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering, Cornell University
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science, University of Massachusetts

Research Interests

    • Polymer Material Physics and Engineering
    • Photonic Crystals, Phononic Crystals, MetaMaterials, Microtrusses and 3D Interference Lithography
    • Ballistic and Blast Behavior of Lightweight Nanocomposites
    • Optical Properties of Block Copolymer Systems
    • Application of Electron, X-Ray Diffraction to Solid State and Materials Characterization Problems

Selected Publications

  • Park, C., Yoon, J., and Thomas, E., Enabling Nanotechnology with Self Assembled Block Copolymer Patterns, Polymer, Volume 44, Issue 22, 2003, Pages 6725-6760
  • Fink, Y., Winn, J., Fan, S., Chen, C., Michel, J., Joannopoulos, J., and Thomas, E., A dielectric omnidirectional reflector, Science, Volume 282, Issue 5394, Pages 1679-1682
  • Bockstaller, M. R., Mickiewicz, R. A., and Thomas, E. L. (2005), Block Copolymer Nanocomposites: Perspectives for Tailored Functional Materials, Advanced Materials, Volume 17, Issue 11, Pages 1331-1349.
  • Muthukumar, M., Ober , C. K., and Thomas, E., Competing Interactions and Levels Of Ordering In Self-Organizing Polymeric Materials, Science, Vol. 277, Issue 5330, Pp. 1225-1232
  • Bita, I. , Yang, J., Jung, Y., Ross, C., Thomas, E., and Berggren, K., Graphoepitaxy Of Self-Assembled Block Copolymers On Two-Dimensional Periodic Patterned Templates, Science (2008), Vol. 321, Issue 5891, Pages 939-943