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Receiving & Inventory

It is imperative that these procedures are carried out before a package or piece of equipment can be delivered to the end user. Unless there is a problem, these procedures are quick to administer and most items are delivered within two working days after arrival in the department.


Faculty and staff may make purchases as long as State and System guidelines are followed. The Property Administrator is available to provide information on these guidelines and to assist in making purchases. In either case, it is essential to have all items shipped to the address below and to have the name of the person requesting the order on the package. The quote, the packing slip and the invoice must be submitted before the Accounting Office can pay for the order.

Ship to Address:

Texas A&M University 
Electrical Engineering Department
220A Wisenbaker Engineering Building
Attn:(your name)
College Station, TX 77843-3128


All packages received in the Property Office (Room 220A WEB), are signed for, logged and delivered by student workers or the Property Administrator. Graduate students who make orders will receive written notification when they are able to retrieve their packages from the Property Office. If no inventory number is required, the items can be delivered immediately. If an inventory number is required, the Property Administrator must first create an inventory sheet and obtain and affix an asset number. Items requiring an inventory number which have been bought from local vendors must be brought to the Property Office to be tagged with an inventory number before the payment can be vouchered.


The information required to assign an inventory number to equipment includes:

  • Serial number of the equipment
  • Responsible faculty member
  • Location where the equipment will be used
  • Account used to pay for the equipment

Surplus Items

Unwanted or unused items can be assigned for surplus by contacting the EE Property Office through e-mail, by phone or in person.

The Property Administrator will provide a "Transfer of Property" form to be completed with a list of the items to be assigned for surplus. The accountable PI must sign the form. The Property Administrator will research the items and submit the required paperwork to the TEES Property Office for processing. All items are to remain in your area until pick up by Surplus, as there is no holding area provided by EE Property Office.

After the Surplus Property Office receives paperwork it may take up to four weeks before the items are picked up.


Follow these procedures to avoid delays in receiving equipment.

Each faculty member is accountable for the equipment purchased on his accounts.

Any suggestions for expediting the process while maintaining the proper procedures will be appreciated and entertained. Send these to the Property Administrator for consideration.

Instrument Room Personnel Job Duties

Instrument Room Supervisor Duties:

  1. oversee instrument room operations;
  2. assign job duties to electronic technicians and student workers;
  3. delegate Physical Plant/Telecommunications work orders;
  4. confirm execution/delivery of above work orders;
  5. maintain departmental safety policies and procedures;
  6. maintain shop supplies and inventory;
  7. repair and maintain electronic equipment;
  8. modify new and existing equipment;
  9. oversee PCB manufacturing process;
  10. order, perform UG lab upgrades;
  11. suggest purchases of new equipment;
  12. assist research labs;
  13. train student workers and/or electronic technicians;
  14. manufacture and distribute report;
  15. perform TA evaluations;
  16. maintain key control for the department; keep necessary records
  17. perform related duties as required.

Electronic Technician II Duties:

  1. maintain and repair UG lab equipment and computers;
  2. perform upgrades and/or modifications on UG labs;
  3. assist TA on equipment and/or lab problems;
  4. perform PCB manufacturing;
  5. repair and do regular maintenance on UG and departmental printers;
  6. assist oversee student workers;
  7. assist in departmental moves;
  8. assist in departmental package operations;
  9. assist UG students on specific problems;
  10. perform related duties as required by the supervisor.

Student Worker (part-time position) Duties:

  1. check in/out lab parts and/or equipment;
  2. distribute and tally TA evaluation sheets;
  3. assist in department key control;
  4. distribute and maintain departmental paper stock;
  5. perform departmental moves as needed;
  6. perform minor electronic repairs in UG labs;
  7. used as runners for the department as needed;
  8. perform odd job for the department as required;
  9. assist on PCB manufacturing.

Responsibilities of the Network Manager

Network Manager

Create and maintain Novell Network accounts for all undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. This network enables undergraduates and graduate students to use the departmental PCs in the open labs as well as in the labs associated with classes. It also provides for printing capabilities for many faculty and staff.

Computer Support

Support the faculty and staff with software installation and problem solving on their PCs. Also support all software for the undergraduate computers in the open labs and in the labs associated with classes.

Specify, buy, and install new PCs for the faculty and staff and undergraduate labs.

Submit requests for network connections to CIS and configure computers for the network connections.

Troubleshoot software and network problems for all staff, faculty, and students.

Safety Officer

Act as the Safety Officer for the department. Serve on the Engineering Safety Committee as the Electrical Engineering representative. Assist the Office of Safety and Health with any safety related items in the department. Gather information on chemical inventories, MSDS records, and safety training for all faculty, staff, and students. Act as the department representative for building proctor activities.

Property Officer

Oversee the maintenance of inventory records for the department. This includes TAMU, TEES, and the Research Foundation sponsored equipment.

Personnel reporting to Network Manager:


Henry Gongora performs the day-to-day duties of maintaining the department inventory records and also acts as the department purchasing agent. All requests for supplies and equipment should go to Henry in order provide more efficient tracking of inventory.

Student Workers

The student workers provide assistance in troubleshooting and maintaining all departmental computers including all labs, faculty, and staff.

Preferred Protocol for Work Requests

For Undergraduate Labs

TAs report computer-related problems to the computer group located in room 076 Wisenbaker Engineering Building; instrument problems should be reported to electronic technicians in room 420 CE/TTI Lab Building for immediate response.

Departmental Problems

For problem with computers or printers, please report to the computer group located in room 076 Wisenbaker Engineering Building.

Departmental Jobs

For jobs that require work orders or involve a move, please report to the instrument room supervisor for scheduling