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First Year Undergraduate Curriculum

The freshman year curriculum is identical for most engineering undergraduate degree programs. Undergraduate students are admitted to the Texas A&M University College of Engineering with a preference for the major noted on their admissions application and follow the same first-year engineering curriculum. The Entry to a Major process is designed for students to take ownership of their future to identify at least three majors that are a good match for their career goals and academic performance.

Learn How to Enter a Major

The degree program for the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering allows for students to select an area of study that will best match their interests. Students can select to participate in one of the many special emphasis areas. The courses required in the Freshman Year are common for all College of Engineering degree plans.

In all cases, it is the student’s responsibility to check his/her degree evaluation and to complete all academic requirements of the major. Declared upper level students can access their degree audit using Degree Evaluation through the Howdy web portal. Lower level students will need to run a “What If” evaluation. You will use your entry year, select BS CHEN as degree, Chemical Engineering as department. Run the evaluation using the current term courses with a detailed view.

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