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The prerequisite for the ocean engineering graduate program, thesis option, is that a degree candidate have a bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline. Student-specific prerequisite requirements may also be imposed by the faculty for students with a weak background in the basics of ocean engineering (such as dynamics, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of materials).

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The Master of Science degree requires a minimum of 32 credit hours and a thesis. It can be completed on either the College Station or Galveston campus. Required coursework includes the following:

Required courses:
OCEN 652 Numerical Methods in Ocean Engineering
OCEN 678 Fluid Dynamics for Ocean and Environmental Engineering
OCEN 671 Ocean Wave Mechanics
OCEN 681 Seminar (every semester in residence)
OCEN 691 Research (toward MS Degree)
MATH 601 Higher Math. for Engineers and Physicists I
Select two courses from:
OCEN 672 Coastal Engineering
OCEN 676 Dynamics of Offshore Structures
OCNG 608 Physical Oceanography

Technical electives the fulfill coursework requirements can be selected from the ocean engineering department's list of graduate courses found on the university's course catalog as well as from other departments on campus.

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