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The Interdisciplinary Engineering (ITDE) Ph.D. program allows students to develop unique expertise in emerging areas that may not be covered by traditional departmental degree programs and provides a path for those whose research interests cross engineering disciplines and/or college lines. Graduates with interdisciplinary engineering skill sets are highly sought after by employers, and the Ph.D. in ITDE poises graduates to become leaders in academic organizations, government and industry. Examples of previously awarded interdisciplinary topics include environmental engineering and public policy; and engineering and education.

Doctoral candidates in ITDE are expected to excel academically with high-quality journal publications before defending their dissertations. These candidates are further expected to establish strong relationships with industry, through internships and related activities.

Degree Requirements 

How to Apply

Current Texas A&M graduate students should apply to ITDE through this application

All other applicants should apply here


Angie Dunn

  • Program Specialist IV, Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering
  • Interim Graduate Advisor, Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering
Angie Dunn