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The Texas A&M University College of Engineering and Texas A&M School of Law offer a combination degree program allowing students to obtain a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary engineering and Juris Doctor degree in six, rather than the typical seven, academic years.

This program educates students in engineering and technology as a precursor to studies and practice in law. Areas of legal practice that require an advanced understanding of the engineering and technology development process include, but are not limited to, patents and intellectual property law, environmental law and workplace health and safety law.

Students who enroll in the combined program complete their first three academic years at the College of Engineering at the College Station campus. Upon the conclusion of the spring semester of their third year, students begin coursework in the School of Law for their fourth and fifth academic years in Fort Worth. For the sixth and final year, students have their primary curricula with the School of Law with coursework taken from both the School of Law and the College of Engineering. Courses are taken on the College Station campus. Students must complete all curriculum requirements and additional graduation requirements published in the applicable undergraduate and graduate catalogs for the Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary engineering degree and the Juris Doctor degree.

Students interested in this combined program are advised to meet with an academic advisor in the interdisciplinary engineering program as early as possible to understand admissions, course scheduling and minimum academic performance standards. Admission to the program does not guarantee admission to the Juris Doctor portion. Students must apply to the School of Law in the third academic year in order to begin law studies in the fourth academic year. 

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