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Learn more about the materials science and engineering Materials Design Capstone Project to match the opportunity that's right for you.

To learn about MSEN courses, review University Catalog.

Course Number Course Title
MSEN 604 Quantum Mechanics
MSEN 605 Field Theories in Materials Science
MSEN 606 Multifunctional Materials
MSEN 607 Polymer Physical Properties
MSEN 608 Nanomechanics
MSEN 612 Fundamental Transmission Electron Microscopy
MSEN 613 Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy
MSEN 614 Fundamental Scanning Electron Microscopy/Environmental SEM
MSEN 616 Surface Science
MSEN 617 Crystallography and Crystal Structure Determination
MSEN 618 Composite Materials Processing and Performance
MSEN 619 Materials Modeling of Phase Transformation and Microstructural Evolution
MSEN 620** Kinetic Processes of Materials
MSEN 625 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MSEN 626 Polymer Laboratories
MSEN 634 Nanoscale Phenomena in Polymeric Systems
MSEN 635 Flow and Fracture of Polymeric Solids
MSEN 636 Damage Mechanics and Failure of Composite Materials
MSEN 641 Plasticity Theory
MSEN 643 Materials Electrochemistry and Corrosion
MSEN 644 Corrosion and Electrochemistry Lab
MSEN 645 Failure Mechanics of Engineering Materials
MSEN 646 Corrosion Prevention and Control Methods
MSEN 655 Materials Design Studio
MSEN 656 Mechanical and Physical Properties of Thin Films
MSEN 657 Multiscale Modeling in Materials
MSEN 658 Fundamentals of Ceramics
MSEN 660 Materials Informatics
MSEN 666 Nanoindentation and Small-Scale Contact Mechanics
MSEN 670 Computational Materials Science and Engineering
AERO 606 / MEMA 606 Multifunctional Materials
AERO 608/ MEMA 608 Nanomechanics
AERO 617/ MEMA 625 Micromechanics
AERO 616 / MEMA 616 Damage Mechanics and Failure in Composite Materials
AERO618/MEMA626 Mechanics of Active Materials
AERO 645 Failure Mechanics of Engineering Materials
BMEN 682 Polymeric Biomaterials
BMEN 683 Polymeric Biomaterials Synthesis
CHEM 635 Introduction to X-Ray Diffraction Methods
ECEN 640 Thin Film Science and Technology
GEOL 643 Introduction to Electron Microprobe Analysis
MEEN 607 Polymer Physical Properties
MEEN 610 Applied Polymer Science
MEEN 616 Surface Science
MEEN 635 Flow and Fracture of Polymeric Solids
MEEN 657 Viscoelasticity of Solids and Structures
MEEN 660 Corrosion Engineering
MEMA 611 Fundamentals of Engineering Fracture Mechanics
MEMA613 Principles of Composite Materials
MEMA 641 Plasticity Theory
NUEN 662 Nuclear Materials Under Extreme Conditions
PHYS 617 Physics of Solid State
PHYS 632 Condensed Matter Theory

**Tentative course number still waiting for approval – this course might appear as MSEN689 or with another MSEN designation number in the course catalogue.

**NOT counted as designative elective for Ph.D. students.