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The graduate level Safety Engineering Certificate Program is intended to meet the call from industry to produce engineering graduates with a knowledge and understanding of safety engineering as applied to standard engineering practices in all disciplines. The program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of safety, health and engineering risk issues. It also emphasizes the knowledge and skills most likely to be needed by any engineer, as well as those who specialize in safety engineering.

The Safety Engineering Certificate requirements are achievable and relevant to all engineering disciplines. Currently there are three safety certificates designed for the Master of Science in Safety Engineering program at no additional cost. However, graduate students currently enrolled at Texas A&M University in any engineering discipline can choose the options as part of their curriculum. The three safety certificate options are:

  • Process Safety Engineering Certificate
    • Requirement – 3 mandatory courses and 1 elective course
  • Risk Engineering Certificate
    • Requirement – Process Safety Engineering Certificate, 1 mandatory course and 1 elective course
  • Reliability Engineering Certificate
    • Requirement – Process Safety Engineering Certificate, 1 mandatory course and 1 elective course

The Process Safety Engineering Certificate requires completion of three mandatory courses (as described in graduate handbook) and any one elective course. This certificate is a prerequisite for the other two certificates. Without earning this certificate, the other two certificates cannot be earned. The Risk Engineering Certificate requires a risk-related mandatory course and an elective course. Similarly, the Reliability Engineering Certificate requires a reliability-related mandatory course and an elective course. Risk Engineering and Reliability Engineering certificates can be obtained in any order. An elective course can be used once to earn a certificate.

The credit hours accrued to earn a safety certificate are applicable to the hours necessary for graduation and not an additional load, depending on the disciplines’ specific course requirements. Receiving a certificate is not dependent on conferral of a degree.  

For more information on safety engineering certificates, visit the certificate catalog.

Students interested in applying for the certificate program and its scholarship are required to submit their completed applications to:

Useful resources for the certificate program: