Master of Engineering

The Master of Engineering degree requires a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of approved courses. Of those hours, a minimum of 26 credit hours must be formal course work. These formal courses are classified into two categories: required courses and electives.

The following are the required 14 hours of courses that all MEng students must complete:

  • CHEN 604: Chemical Engineering Process Analysis (3)
  • CHEN 623: Applications of Thermodynamics to Chemical Engineering (3)
  • CHEN 624: Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Reactor Design (3)
  • CHEN 629: Transport Phenomena (3)
  • CHEN 681: Seminar (2)

Total Credits: 14 “core” credits The remaining 12 credit hours of formal course work (typically four, three-credit
courses) are subject to the following restrictions:

  • The electives must be formal graduate-level courses and should be approved by the Graduate Advisor. In special cases, up to three credit hours of advanced
    undergraduate level courses may be included.
  • At least three hours of credit must be for courses taken outside the Department of Chemical Engineering.
  • Graduate courses completed at other institutions and passed with a grade of B or better may be used towards satisfying the departmental electives. With approval
    of the Graduate Advisor, up to nine credit hours may be transferred from other institutions. These courses cannot have been used towards another degree. Only
    technical (science or engineering) courses can satisfy these requirements.
  • Graduate courses cannot be retaken for credit
  • The electives courses are usually technical (science or engineering) courses, however, one alternative for the MEng degree is to take the appropriate classes for obtaining a business certificate (ACCT 640 Accounting Concepts and Procedures; FINC 635 Financial Management for Non Business; MGMT 655 Survey of Management; MKTG 621 Survey of Marketing).

The four remaining credit hours can consist of any combination of elective courses, CHEN 685: Directed Studies, or CHEN 684: Professional Internship.