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Assistantships and Fellowships

Many students receive funding as either teaching assistants (TA) or research assistants (RA). The assistantships cover monthly stipend, health insurance, and tuition.

Every student is automatically considered for teaching assistantships if he/she is a native English speaker or has passed the ELPE exam.  

For research assistantships, students should contact the Ocean Engineering Faculty members they are interested in working with directly. Research assistantships are available on a competitive basis, and depend on the current research funding of the faculty.  

Additionally, exceptional students are considered for department fellowships. As a general rule, most Master of Science and Ph.D. students are funded by the end of their first year of graduate school.

Graduate Scholarships

The Department of Ocean Engineering provides undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships to dozens of students every year. Last year, over $80,000 in awards was given to approximately 40 students. Decisions regarding scholarship awards are made during the summer by the Ocean Engineering Scholarship Committee, and student applications can be submitted at any time during the Spring semester.

As mentioned above, the awards distributed by the Ocean Engineering
Program are numerous; we thank the donors for the awards that are given annually.

  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Scholarship 
  • Barrett G Hindes Merit Scholarships in Dredging Studies
  • Dr. Chester P. Jelesnianski Memorial Fellowship
  • Marine Technology Society (MTS) Scholarship
  • Michael D. Hughes Fellowships in Ocean Engineering
  • Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers (SNAME) Scholarships
  • Western Dredging Association Scholarship, WEDA (Murden)

Minimum requirements vary from scholarship to scholarship; however, in general, successful applicants will have a GPR greater than 3.0 and will be actively involved in the Ocean Engineering professional societies, such as SNAME and MTS. Questions should be directed to Charlie Donaway.