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Doctoral student at the Fuel Cycles and Materials Laboratory

The Fuel Cycle and Materials Laboratory (FCML) was established to study current issues in the nuclear fuel cycle, including materials and chemical processing, advanced fuels and materials, and waste immobilization. Equipment in FCML includes high temperature furnaces, two inert atmosphere gloved boxes, and a 90-ton hydraulic press. These may be configured for casting, instrumented sintering, cold or hot pressing, and hot extrusion. Further, the laboratory is equipped and has been approved for the handling, testing and characterization of radioactive materials. Currently funded projects from the US Department of Energy include materials processing activities to develop advanced nuclear fuels for burning transuranic radionuclides and radioactive waste forms for isolating fission products.


Lab Features:

  • High temperature furnaces
  • Two inert atmosphere gloved boxes
  • 90-ton hydraulic press