Texas A&M University and the Department of Nuclear Engineering provide several computational facilities for use in research projects. 

The department has a local 20 node, 160 core computer cluster available for research and code development purposes. Although not as large as other computing facilities available at the university level, the departmental cluster can and does host export-controlled codes. Each compute nodes in the departmental cluster possesses two 4-core Intel Xeon processors and 24GB of memory. In addition, the cluster includes a dedicated I/O node with approximately 12TB of attached storage.

The Texas A&M Supercomputing Facility provides an IBM p5-575 cluster with 52 compute nodes and 832 cores. Each p5 compute node consists of 16 Power5+ processors and 32GB of memory. In addition, the supercomputing facility also has available an IBM iDataplex cluster with 324 compute nodes and 2,592 cores. Each iDataplex compute node has 2 4-core Intel Xeon processors and 24GB of memory.