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A male student in a green shirt holds a pen as he looks at a monitor. Another student is seen in the background.

This engineering minor was created for non-engineering majors to learn about the concepts of engineering, design, analysis and the application of engineering principles. You'll gain an understanding of how engineers develop solutions, which will help you work more effectively with engineers to improve society through technology and other advancements.

What you'll learn:

  • General engineering design process and components
  • Differentiate respective engineering fields, their focuses and applications
  • Employ basic quantitative methods, which engineers commonly use to enhance their understanding of problems
  • Learn how to use the engineering design process to impact society

Courses: 15 credits

Required Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required to take the introductory course: CLEN 101. A differential calculus course (MATH 131, 142, 147, 151 or 171) is required as a prerequisite for later courses.

  • CLEN 101: Engineering Approaches to Problems (3)
  • CLEN 201: Tools for Engineering Analysis (3)

Choose three from:

  • CLEN 301: Humanity and Materials (3)
  • CLEN 302: Survey of Nuclear Technology (3)
  • CLEN 303: Renewable Energy and the Environment (3)
  • CLEN 304: Pushing the Limits of Construction — Taller, Strong, Leaner (3)