Our distance learning programs offer the same level of education as our highly reputed on-campus programs. As an enrolled student, you will have access to class lecture notes, tutoring from well-qualified teaching assistants and relevant software tools. Our distance learning programs are as rigorous as the on-campus graduate programs. In fact, our program and the Master of Engineering program are very similar

  • The on-campus classes will be recorded daily and posted the same day on the course website.
  • As an enrolled student, you will deal with same set of assignments, laboratories and examinations.
  • You will receive the same set of assignments, laboratories and examinations as on-campus graduate students.

Currently offering

  • Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (DL MEN_EE)
  • Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering (DL MEN_CE).

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor of Science degree in the area of electrical engineering, computer engineering or other closely related fields.


  • We do not offer online leveling (undergraduate) courses that could enable students from other disciplines to succeed in the distance learning programs.
  • Since several courses require the use of proprietary software, the DL programs are currently intended for U.S. citizens and U.S. residents only; however, we expect to offer these programs to the international community in the near future.

Be aware that the graduate admission committee will not review transcripts, resumes, statements of purpose, or other parts of the application prior to submitting a completed application to Texas A&M University through the ApplyTexas System.



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