• Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Director of Undergraduate Program, Chemical Engineering
  • Chair, TAMU Professional Program in Biotechnology (PPiB)
  • Carolyn S. & Tommie E. Lohman '59 Professor in Engineering Education
Dr. Ugaz

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Northwestern University - 1999
  • M.S., University of Texas at Austin - 1994
  • B.S., University of Texas at Austin - 1991

Research Interests

    • Learning how to control transport of charged biomolecules (DNA,  proteins) in micro- and nano-scale surroundings to achieve faster and more efficient separations
    • Harnessing microscale convective flow fields to execute thermally driven biochemical reactions such as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in a faster and more efficient manner
    • Designing novel geometries to mix chemical species in microchannels by exploiting secondary flow phenomena
    • Developing new techniques that help understand how to manipulate and tailor the bulk properties of hydrogels by controlling their nanoporous morphology
    • Constructing 3D vascular networks for biomedical applications using novel manufacturing methods

Awards & Honors

  • Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching, 2019
  • Charles Crawford Distinguished Service Award

Selected Publications

  • Shi, N. and Ugaz, V.M. “An Entropic Force Microscope Enables Nano-scale Conformational Probing of Biomolecules.” Small, 10 (2014): 2553-2557.
  • Meng, F., King, M.D., Hassan, Y.A., and Ugaz, V.M. “Localized Fluorescent Complexation Enables Rapid Monitoring of Airborne Nanoparticles.” Environmental Science: Nano, 1 (2014): 358-366.
  • Priye, A., Hassan, Y.A., and Ugaz, V.M. “Microscale Chaotic Advection Enables Robust Convective DNA Replication.” Analytical Chemistry, 85 (2013): 10536-10541.
  • Contreras-Naranjo, J.C. and Ugaz, V.M. “A Nanometer-scale Resolution Interference-based Probe of Interfacial Phenomena Between Microscopic Objects and Surfaces.” Nature Communications, 4 (2013): DOI:10.1038/ncomms2865.
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  • Agrawal, N. Hassan, Y.A., and Ugaz, V.M."A Pocket-sized Convective PCR Thermocycler."Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 46 (2007): 4316-4319.Designated as a "Very Important Paper" by the journal editors. Highlighted in New Scientist [Iss. 2602 (5 May, 2007): 27].
  • Sudarsan, A.P. and Ugaz, V.M. “Multivortex Micromixing.” PNAS, 103 (2006): 7228-7233.
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