• Professor, Chemical Engineering

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology - 1984
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology - 1981
  • Diploma, Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece - 1979

Research Interests

  • Nonlinear Systems and Process Control

Selected Publications

  • C. Kravaris, I. Dermitzakis and S. Thompson, "Higher-Order Corrections to the Pi Criterion Using Center Manifold Theory", European Journal of Control, 18 (2012), pp. 5-19.
  • I. Karafyllis and C. Kravaris, "From Continuous-Time Design to Sampled-Data Design of Observers", IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 54 (2009), pp. 2169-2174.
  • K. Stamatelatou, L. Syrou, C. Kravaris and G. Lyberatos, "An Invariant Manifold Approach for CSTR Model Reduction in the Presence of Multi-step Biochemical Reaction Schemes - Application to Anaerobic Digestion", Chemical Engineering Journal, 150 (2009), pp. 462-475
  • I. Karafyllis, C. Kravaris, L. Syrou and G. Lyberatos, "A Vector Lyapunov Function Characterization of Input-to-State Stability with Application to Robust Global Stabilization of the Chemostat", European Journal of Control, 14 (2008), pp. 47-61.
  • N. Kazantzis, C. Kravaris, C. Tseronis and R.A. Wright, "Optimal Controller Tuning for Nonlinear Processes", Automatica, 41 (2005), pp. 79-86.
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  • N. Kazantzis and C. Kravaris, "Nonlinear Observer Design Using Lyapunov's Auxiliary Theorem", Systems & Control Letters, 34 (1998), pp. 241-247.