• Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Associate Department Head of External Engagement, Chemical Engineering
  • Gas Processors Suppliers Association Professor
Dr. Green

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 2007
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University – 2002

Research Interests

    • Nanosheet exfoliation, dispersion, & processing
    • Multifunctional polymer nanocomposites and films
    • Nanomaterials and environmental characterization
    • Coarse-grained simulations of nanomaterial dynamics
    • RF-nanomaterial heating interactions
    • Simulating liquid-crystalline behavior of nanomaterials

Awards & Honors

  • 2020 George Armistead, Jr. ’23 Faculty Excellence Award
  • 2017 TEES Young Faculty Fellow Award
  • 2014 Nancy & Dan Zivney Faculty Fellowship
  • 2014 DuPont Young Faculty Award
  • 2012 National Science Foundation CAREER Award
  • 2011 Young Investigator Award, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Selected Publications

  • Saha, S., Lakhe, P., Mason, M.J., Arole, K., Coleman, B.J., Zhao, X., Yakovlev, S., Uppili, S., Green, M.J., Hule, R., “Sustainable production of graphene from petroleum coke using electrochemical exfoliation,” NPJ 2D Materials & Applications, (2021) 5, 75
  • Anas, M., Mustafa, M., Vashisth, A., Barnes, E., Saed, M.A., Moores, L.C., Green, M.J., “Universal Patterns of Radio-Frequency Heating in Nanomaterial-loaded Structures,” Applied Materials Today (2021) 23, 101044
  • Vashisth, A., Healey, R.E., Pospisil, M.J., Oh, J.H., Green, M.J., “Continuous Processing of Pre-pregs using Radio Frequency Based Heating,” Compos. Sci. Tech. (2020) 195, 108211
  • Sweeney, C.B., Burnette, M., Pospisil, M.J., Shah, S.A., Anas, M., Teipel, B.R., Zahner, B., Staack, D., Green, M.J., “In-Situ Dielectric Barrier Discharge Applicator for Enhanced 3D Printing Bond Strength,” Nano Lett., (2020) 20, 4, 2310-2315
  • Zhao, X., Vashisth, A., Prehn, E., Sun, W., Shah, S.A., Habib, T., Chen, Y., Tan, Z., Lutkenhaus, J.L., Radovic, M., Green, M.J., “Anti-oxidants unlock shelf-stable Ti3C2Tx (MXene) nanosheet dispersions,” Matter, (2019) 1, 2, 513-526