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The computer engineering program provides a rigorous field of study into the engineering principles behind both computer software and hardware. Jointly administered by both the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, students choose between an electrical science or computer engineering track to complete their degree.

The electrical engineering track is made for students who are interested in large scale integrated (VLSI) circuits and systems, microprocessor interfacing and systems design, and computer system architecture and design. The computer science track is built for students interested in computer networks, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, robotics, real-time computing, computer languages, microcomputers, VLSI, and large-scale hardware and software systems.

Students in both tracks will develop strong engineering foundations in areas such as electrical circuits, electronics, computer architecture, programming languages, data structures and much more. More specific degree information for each track can be viewed at the linked program pages below.

Computer Engineering Programs