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Computer Engineering Research

Computer engineering research activities are spread across both the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Key areas and projects are listed below.

Research Fields

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Communication and Networks

Research in the computer networks area is focused on network protocols, routing algorithms, quality of service (QOS), security, survivability, support for multimedia, network coding, wireless communication networks and wireless sensor networks.

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Computer Systems and Architecture

Computer systems and architecture research is focused on the design and implementation of computer systems, hardware and software. It includes compilers, programming languages, algorithms and operating systems, processor architectures, storage systems and microarchitecture.

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Information research focuses on advancing the state-of-the-art in areas including information theory, machine learning, deep learning, web mining, information retrieval, coding theory, data compression, multimedia security, and secrecy systems. Current research projects include both fundamental and applied research in these areas.

Computer engineered remote controlled vehicle device.

Robotics and Embedded Systems

Robotics and embedded systems research focuses on human robot interface, manufacturing automation, path planning, robot security, cyberphysical systems, Internet of Things devices and other embedded systems.

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Security research is focused on cybersecurity, encryption, blockchain, very large scale integration security, computer security, network security, and cyber-physical systems security, among other security issues that impact society.

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Signal and Image Processing

Research in signal and image processing encompasses both theory and practice. Current projects focus on multimedia compression and communications, deep learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, image/video inpainting, super-resolution, and denoising/enhancement, virtual/augmented reality, and big data.

Closeup of a VLSI circuit board.

Very Large Scale Integration

Very large scale integration (VLSI) circuits and systems research focuses on electronic design automation (EDA) of digital and analog circuits and VLSI design. Current research includes logic and layout synthesis, modeling, simulation, low power, reliability, testing, design for manufacturability, hardware/software co-design, and application-specific integrated circuits.

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