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College-Level Graduate Admission Requirements

All graduate engineering applications will be submitted using EngineeringCAS, a centralized application service.

College-Level Graduate Admissions

Admission Deadlines

For consideration for admission, refer to the following guidelines and application deadlines. To be considered for funding, the complete application and supporting documentation must be received. As application decisions are made on a rolling basis, it is advisable to complete and submit applications a month to three weeks prior to deadline. (December 20 for Fall, etc.)

Funding details and deadlines
Funding Type Fall Priority* Deadline Spring Priority* Deadline Summer Priority* Deadline
MS, PHD Seeking Assistantships or Fellowships January 1 September 1 Application not available
MEN Self-funded or Sponsor Funding March 1 October 1 February 1
Non-degree Seeking (NDS) April 1 November 1 April 1
MEN Quick Admit** March 1 October 1 Application not available
*Applications and materials may continue to be submitted after the priority deadline.

**Available only to current Texas A&M University B.S. in Aerospace Engineering students.

Materials Necessary in Application Package

Acceptance is based on the complete application package, including:

  1. Application
  2. Transcripts / grades from other institutions
  3. Internships / work experience
  4. Previous degrees
  5. Publications (if any)
  6. TOEFL scores
  7. The Statement of Purpose essay*
  8. Resume*
  9. Online recommendation letters*

The Department of Aerospace Engineering no longer requires GRE scores for the foreseeable future.

*The recommendation letters (from faculty), resume and a strong statement of purpose are especially important. Online letter requests are submitted online, separate from the application and after Texas A&M Admissions sends you a UIN identification number and instructions.

Guidelines for Admission

  • The graduate admissions committee looks for evidence of ability to excel and contribute to our research programs, along with availability of positions, facilities and faculty to accommodate students. For MS or PhD programs, a faculty advisor must be confirmed before admission is granted, so it is recommended that applicants initiate contact with the faculty of their choice during the application process. 
  • The minimum undergraduate GPA for consideration to enter our MS program is 3.25/4.00; the minimum undergraduate GPA to directly enter our PhD program without the MS degree is 3.50/4.00. The MEN self-funded degree program requires a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.25/4.0.
  • When applying, it is imperative to indicate clearly the specific Aerospace Engineering area of interest you plan to pursue (Dynamics & Control, Aerodynamics & Propulsion, Materials & Structures, or Systems, Design and Human Integration). Your statement of purpose essay, resume and communications with us should make clear your particular interest and your career goals. Tell us how you will fund your studies and whether you will attend if financial assistance is not available. 

Additional Guidelines for International Applicants

  1. For international students who wish to apply, proficiency in English must be verified in one of the following ways:
    • Required composite TOEFL score of 80 or higher. 
    • An IELTS score of at least 6.0.
    • A Master's degree from an accredited U.S. institution qualifies for alternative verification (via departmental request). 
  2. The University does not consider a three-year international bachelor’s degree equivalent to a U.S. degree. Students must complete a one-year master’s program in addition to the three-year bachelor’s degree before they can be considered for a graduate program at Texas A&M.
  3. New incoming international students already admitted to Texas A&M should visit Texas A&M University International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) for I-20 or DS-2019 applications and visa or change status requests.
  4. For an estimated cost of attendance, refer to ISSS' Costs and Financial Documents resources.

Aerospace Engineering Texas A&M University Policy: Application Fee Waiver

Policy Statement:

This policy document outlines the guidelines and procedures regarding the application fee waiver process for prospective applicants to the Aerospace Engineering program at Texas A&M University. The purpose of this policy is to clarify the circumstances under which application fees may be waived, ensuring fairness and transparency in our admissions process.


The application fee waiver policy aims to:

  1. Recognize outstanding applicants who demonstrate exceptional qualifications.
  2. Facilitate the admission of students most likely to secure an assistantship within our department.

General Policy:

It is important to note that the Aerospace Engineering program does not have a blanket policy to waive application fees for all applicants. Application fees are generally required as a part of the application process.

Eligibility for Fee Waiver:

  1. Outstanding Applicants:
    1. Application fees may be waived for applicants who exhibit exceptional qualifications, such as outstanding academic achievements, relevant research experience, or unique contributions to their field of study.
  2. Assistantship Requirement:
    1. All admissions to M.S. and Ph.D. programs within our department require applicants to secure an offer of assistantship from a faculty member.
    2. Application fee waivers may be considered for applicants who are highly likely to secure an assistantship within our department.

Application Process for Fee Waiver:

  1. Faculty Engagement:
    1. Applicants seeking a fee waiver must initiate contact with faculty members within our department whose research interests align with their own.
    2. The purpose of this engagement is to gauge the likelihood of securing an assistantship and to establish a mentorship relationship.
  2. Expressed Faculty Interest:
    1. Fee waiver requests will only be considered if there is expressed interest from a faculty member within our department.
    2. Applicants must provide documentation or correspondence demonstrating faculty interest as part of their fee waiver request.

Non-Consideration of Fee Waiver:

  1. In the absence of expressed interest from a faculty member within our department, fee waiver requests will not be entertained.
  2. This policy is in place to ensure that applicants have genuine opportunities for mentorship and research engagement during their academic journey within our department.

This policy document is effective as of January 2024. Any revisions or updates to this policy will be communicated through official department channels.

For inquiries contact:
Graduate Advising