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We offer a non-thesis Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree. Students admitted to this program must have a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering or an equivalent field. If the degree is not a closely related engineering field, leveling courses may be required.

Students in this degree program–which is geared toward industry or to support a second, non-engineering degree–complete a minimum 30-credit-hour degree plan. No defense is required for a final project. All coursework will be in AERO or MEMA (Mechanics and Materials), though students may take up to three courses (9-10 credits maximum) from external departments if desired (e.g., other engineering disciplines, math, statistics, business, geoscience, etc.).

We offer two AERO 681 Seminar topics each fall and spring semester for communication and professional development. Up to two credit hours of AERO 681 Seminar is allowed, but the same seminar topic cannot be repeated for credit. No AERO 691 research hours are permitted in the M.Eng. degree plan. Full program requirements are found in the course catalog:

Master of Engineering program requirements

The graduate director, or a faculty member appointed to the role, serves as the sole member of the student's committee. See the Consideration for Admission page for more information about applicant qualifications and application deadlines.