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The Undergraduate Program in Aerospace Engineering is accredited by ABET.  ABET accreditation is assurance that a college or university meets the quality standards established by the profession for which it prepares its students. 

Mission, Goals and Objectives


This mission of the Aerospace Engineering Department is:

  • To provide a quality undergraduate and graduate aerospace engineering education
  • To advance the engineering and science knowledge base through research
  • To assist industry in technical applications and innovations
  • To serve the aerospace profession through leadership in these areas


(As approved by the faculty, the alumni/industrial advisory board, and the student advisory board.) The goals of the Aerospace Engineering program at Texas A&M are: To provide a comprehensive aerospace engineering education that develops in students the fundamental skills necessary for the design, synthesis, analysis and research development of aircraft, spacecraft and other high technology flight systems; and To prepare students for the aerospace engineering profession and related fields by developing in them the attributes needed to contribute successfully to society and to the engineering profession now and in the future.


The educational objectives of the Aerospace Engineering program are to produce graduates whose expected accomplishments within two to five years of graduation are:

  • Graduates will have successful careers in industry, private practice, or government, or will have pursued advanced graduate studies.
  • Graduates will be skilled practitioners who apply their knowledge and skills to solve relevant engineering problems in the aerospace or a related profession.
  • Graduates will function well in teams, communicate well, continue enhancing their professional competence, and understand the impact of engineering solutions.