• Research Assistant Professor
Orencio Duran Vinent

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Philosophy, applied physics, University of Stuttgart, Institute for Computational Physics, Germany – 2007
  • Master of Science, applied physics, University of Havana, Cuba – 2003
  • Bachelor of Science, physics, University of Havana, Cuba – 2000

Research Interests

    • Eco-geomorphology 
    • Morphodynamics
    • Coastal processes 
    • Ecological engineering
    • Sediment transport

Selected Publications

  • L.J. Moore, O. Duran Vinent and P. Ruggiero "Vegetation control allows autocyclic formation of multiple dunes on prograding coasts," Geology, 44 (7), 559–562.
  • O. Duran Vinent and L.J. Moore, "Bistability of barrier islands induced by biophysical interactions," Nature Climate Change, 2015, Vol. 5, Page 158–162.
  • O. Duran, P. Claudin and B. Andreotti, "Direct simulations of aeolian sand ripples," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS), 2014, Vol. 111 (44), Page 15665–15668.
  • O. Duran and L.J. Moore, "Vegetation controls on the maximum size of coastal dunes," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS), 2013, Vol. 110 (43), Page 17217-17222.
  • O. Duran, B. Andreotti and P. Claudin, "Numerical simulations of turbulent sediment transport, from bed load to saltation," Physics of Fluids, 2012, Vol. 24, Page 103306.
  • O. Duran and H.J. Herrmann, "Vegetation against dune mobility," Physical Review Letters, 2006, Vol. 97, Page 188001.