• 211126:  Introduction to Laboratory Safety – EHS (for those with SSO account)
    • This is a classroom course.  If unable to attend available class times, contact Amanda Myatt.
  • 211138:  On-Line Hazard Communication Training – EHS (for those without SSO account)
  • 2113364: Shop and Tool Safety - EHS
  • Hazard Communication Training Record
    • Your research lab must provide the trainings outlined on this record.  The intent is to receive work-area specific training.

If you have an SSO account:
Visit SSO >>> TrainTraq
Under Course Catalog, find the applicable courses listed above.
If you do not have an SSO account:
Visit this website.
Provide any valid email address and email Amanda Myatt for the current password.
Select the applicable courses listed above.
Email copies of the Hazard Communication Training Record and all required safety-training transcripts to Amanda Myatt.  Keep a copy of the Hazard Communication Training Record on file in your research laboratory.


  • If working in a laboratory that utilizes lasers, please complete the General Laser Safety Training located here.

  • If working in a Biosafety Level 2 laboratory, please visit Biosafety Level 2 Access Instructions.

Lab Access:
Once all safety trainings are complete, fill out the Lab & Office Access Request Form and return to ETB 5011 or amyatt@tamu.edu.

If needing access to shared laboratory equipment, training will be necessary prior to gaining access. Coordinate trainings with Amanda Myatt once the access request form is turned in.