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Tumlinson '51 Leadership Fund in Aerospace Engineering


Support programs that expose students to unique growth and leadership opportunities related to education within the field of aerospace engineering.

Proposals due

October 1 and January 31 of each year.


$2,000 per academic year (Typically, $1,500 in September and $500 in January)

Maximum award amounts

Individual student submission ($500), team submission ($1,000)

How to apply

Submit maximum two page proposal in Canvas, Tumlinson Proposal listed under Assignments by midnight of the respective due date.

Proposal must include:

  • Description of activity
  • Utilization of funds
  • Essay on how the experience will enhance the growth and leadership opportunities of the student or team

Requirements if selected:

  • Thank you letter
  • Write-up of experience (typically one page in length)
  • Pictures and/or video to showcase on website

The proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee. Preference will be given to students seeking funds for design competitions. Applicants will be notified within two weeks of the deadline. Proposals may be accepted outside of the listed time frame if funds become available.