Our graduate admissions process has changed.

As of Sept. 6, 2018, the graduate admissions process has changed. Details about the new process can be found on the graduate admissions page.

The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers a non-thesis Master of Engineering (MEngr. or MEN) degree in which students complete a minimum of 30 hours on their degree plans.   Approximately, one-third of the coursework must be outside the major; the remaining formal coursework will be in AERO (including 2 hours AERO 681 Seminar). Geared toward industry or to support a second, non-engineering degree, students in this degree program  complete a final project.  The graduate director, or a faculty member appointed to the role, serves as the sole member of the student’s committee.  No AERO 691 Research hours are permitted on the MEN degree.   Students admitted into this program must have a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or an equivalent field (if the degree is not in a closely related engineering field, leveling courses may be required.) For more information about applicant qualifications and application deadlines, see the Consideration for Admission page.