• Professor of Practice, Aerospace Engineering
  • Affiliated Faculty, Multidisciplinary Engineering
  • Director, AeroSpace Technology, Research & Operations (ASTRO)
  • William Keeler ’49 Professorship
Gregory Chamitoff Profile Photo

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • M.S., Space Science, University of Houston
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, California Institute of Technology
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University

Industry Experience

  • • Former NASA Astronaut
    • Space Station Flight Controller
    • Aerospace Engineer

Selected Publications

  • Space Teams STEM Competition: Outcomes and EfficacyE Koock, FS Arias, C Duncan, G Chamitoff AIAA SCITECH 2023 Forum, 1021
  • GlareNet: A Deep Learning Approach To Removing Glare From Images Taken in Proximity OperationsSSS Bhattacharya, AD Su, GE Chamitoff AIAA SCITECH 2023 Forum, 0191
  • Virtual Reality “exergames”: A promising countermeasure to improve motivation and restorative effects during long duration spaceflight missionsN Keller, RS Whittle, N McHenry, A Johnston, C Duncan, L Ploutz-Snyder, ... Frontiers in Physiology 13, 932425
  • Remote virtual whiteboard assistance for improving task performance during lunar surface operationsL Davis, N McHenry, M Carrera, L Brady, K Mayorga, B Balthazor, ... Virtual Reality, 1-12
  • Adaptive Navigation for Lunar Surface Operations Using Deep Learning and Holographic TelepresenceN McHenry, L Brady, J Vives-Cortes, E Cana, I Gomez, M Carrera, ... 2022 IEEE Aerospace Conference (AERO), 1-8
  • Simulation Builder, Analysis, and Development (SimBAD) Toolkit for Human Spaceflight Operation Training using the SpaceCRAFT Simulation PlatformW Young, C Jakubik, P Zhong, N Mchenry, G Chamitoff 2022 IEEE Aerospace Conference (AERO), 1-13
  • The JEANNE Habitat Design for a 2033 Crewed Mars MissionN McHenry, A Ozturk, PK Josan, KB Nixon, RF Abbott, VC Aguayo, ... 2022 IEEE Aerospace Conference (AERO), 1-24
  • Autonomous Rover Mission Design for Lunar ISRU H2O ExtractionC Erwin, C Jakubik, BC Mathews, K Mabe, D Robledo, L McFarling, ... ASCEND 2022, 4216
  • Human Spaceflight Operations: Lessons Learned from 60 Years in SpaceGE Chamitoff, SR Vadali American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.
  • Predictive xr telepresence for robotic operations in spaceN McHenry, J Spencer, P Zhong, J Cox, M Amiscaray, KC Wong, ... 2021 IEEE Aerospace Conference (50100), 1-10