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Master of Engineering Technical Management

Texas A&M College of Engineering is launching an online professional Masters of Engineering Technical Management (METM) program to meet rising industry demand for technical leadership.  METM is designed to provide engineering and technology professionals with business acumen while focusing on technical management.  The program engages students in real-world problem solving exercises taught by faculty with an average twenty years of industry experience.  METM faculty focus on teaching current best practices while utilizing the most advanced technological tools and applications in the industry.

What sets METM apart?

METM differs from a traditional Master of Science degree in engineering by concentrating on current industry best practices rather than research, and differs from a traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree by emphasizing the technical and engineering context of business topics.

  • 80% of METM faculty are from industry and 20% are professors with industry background. 
  • Capstone projects are customized to each student’s specific line of work and company.
  • METM’s holistic evaluation process - In addition to academic records, candidates will be considered based on strong quantitative, written, analytical and oral presentation skills, demonstrated leadership, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The METM program is best suited for professionals who:

  • Want to advance their career and acquire tech-savvy leaderships skills.
  • Have a minimum 4 years of professional experience.
  • Have an undergraduate degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) or work in related fields.
  • Have the support needed from their families and employers to complete a rigorous program.