The dependence of public, private, not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations on cyber systems for the security, safety and privacy of the individuals they serve and the enterprises they operate increases as the digital age advances.

As society becomes more and more connected, and as the smart systems continue to evolve, there is a clear need for engineers in all the fields to develop a good understanding of cybersecurity principles. For example, a biomedical engineer needs to understand the cybersecurity implications of medical devices and privacy of medical records and a civil engineer needs to understand the cybersecurity implications of connected and smart communities.

Texas A&M University is offering a new Master of Engineering in Engineering with a specialization in cybersecurity to address this need for an engineering workforce well versed in cybersecurity concerns. 

Distance Education Option

Required Courses

  • Cybersecurity core courses (9)
  • Cybersecurity directed electives (6)
  • Concentration areas (9)
  • free electives (chosen with faculty advisor) (6)

Total credit hours: 30

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Kim Moses
Academic Advisor IV, Interdisciplinary Engineering Programs