As part of the collaboration between the Mays Business School Graduate Programs and the Texas A&M University College of Engineering, we are promoting opportunities for engineering students to pursue a Master of Science degree from the Mays Business School.

Combining an undergraduate engineering degree with a masters degree in a business discipline allows a student to access different career fields with unlimited potential. Students will also have the opportunity to build strong ties with the global business community including an extensive network of current and former students, industry professionals and world-class professors. Many students who graduated from the college have built successful careers due to the combination of quantitative skills learned in engineering and business skills learned through a graduate business program.

The Mays Business School offers seven different Master of Science (MS) programs for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in business. Use the links below to learn more about the specific programs. 

Degrees Offered

Master of Science in Accounting

Master of Science in Business

Master of Science in Finance

Master of Science in Management (focus in Human Resource Management)

Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Master of Science in Marketing

Master of Real Estate (focus in Commercial Real Estate)


Mays Business School

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