Parallel and Distributed Computing

Image of Nancy AmatoNancy M. Amato

Unocal and Regents Professor

(Motion planning, computational biology, robotics, computational geometry, animation, CAD, VR, parallel and distributed computing, parallel algorithms, performance modeling, and optimization)

Da Silva Fall 2017Dilma Da Silva

Department Head, Professor and Holder of the Ford Motor Company Design Professorship II

Image Of Tim DavisTim Davis


(Sparse matrix algorithms, computational science, numerical methods, and applied mathematics)

Image Of Jeff HuangJeff Huang

Assistant Professor

(Concurrent Software, Software Verification, Software Safety and Reliability)

Image of Dmitri LoguinovDmitri Loguinov


(Peer-to-peer networks, congestion control, Internet measurements, high-performance web crawling, massive-scale information retrieval, topology modeling, and stochastic analysis of networks)

Image of Lawrence RauschwergerLawrence Rauchwerger

Eppright Professor

(Compilers for parallel and distributed computing, parallel and distributed C++ libraries, adaptive runtime optimizations, architectures for parallel computing)

Image of Vivek SarinVivek Sarin

Associate Professor

(Numerical methods, parallel algorithms, computational science)

Image of Radu StoleruRadu Stoleru

Associate Professor

(Deeply embedded wireless sensor systems, distributed systems, embedded and real-time computing, computer networking)

Image of Valerie TaylorValerie Taylor

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Royce E. Wisenbaker Professor

(High performance computing, with particular emphasis on the performance analysis and modeling of parallel and distributed applications)

Welch web 2017Jennifer Welch

Chevron Professor II, Regents Professor

(Algorithms and lower bounds for distributed computing systems, in particular mobile ad hoc networks and distributed shared objects)

Image of Tiffani WilliamsTiffani Williams

Associate Professor

(Bionformatics/Computational Biology: phylogeny, high-performance computing, optimization, performance analysis)

Courses Offered

CSCE 662. Distributed Processing Systems. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Principles and practices of distributed processing; protocols, remote procedure calls; file sharing; reliable system design; load balancing; distributed database systems; protection and security; implementation. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 313 and CSCE 463 or CSCE 612.

CSCE 664. Wireless and Mobile Systems. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Wireless and mobile systems; wireless communication fundamentals; wireless medium access control design; transmission scheduling; network and transport protocols over wireless design, simulation and evaluation; wireless capacity; telecommunication systems; vehicular, adhoc, and sensor network systems; wireless security; mobile applications. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 463 or CSCE 464 or approval of instructor.

CSCE 668. Distributed Algorithms and Systems. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Introduction to fundamental algorithmic results in distributed computing systems; leader election, mutual exclusion, consensus, logical time and causality, distributed snapshots, algorithmic fault tolerance, shared memory, clock synchronization. 

Prerequisite: CSCE 411 or equivalent or approval of instructor.