Bioinformatics, Computational Biology

Image of Nancy AmatoNancy M. Amato

Unocal and Regents Professor

(Motion planning, computational biology, robotics, computational geometry, animation, CAD, VR, parallel and distributed computing, parallel algorithms, performance modeling, and optimization)

Image of Thomas LoergerThomas Ioerger

Associate Professor

(Artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent agents, bioinformatics)

Image of Sing Hoi SzeSing-Hoi Sze

Associate Professor

(Bioinformatics/Computational Biology: multiple sequence alignment, motif finding with applications to predicting transcription factor binding sites, biological network analysis, identification of gene clusters within genomes)

Image of Tiffani WilliamsTiffani Williams

Associate Professor

(Bionformatics/Computational Biology: phylogeny, high-performance computing, optimization, performance analysis)

Courses Offered

CSCE 628/BICH 628. Computational Biology. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours

Introduction to computational biology; formulations of biology problems as computational problems; computational approaches to solve problems in genomics and proteomics. 

Prerequisite: Graduate classification or approval of instructor.
Cross Listing: BICH 628/CSCE 628.