Cyber-Physical Systems

Image of BettatiRiccardo Bettati


(Distributed real-time systems, scheduling algorithms, communication protocols, traffic analysis, and anonymity and privacy)

Image of Gutierrez-OsunaRicardo Gutierrez-Osuna


(Intelligent sensors, speech processing, face recognition, machine olfaction, neuromorphic computation, mobile robotics, pattern recognition, machine learning)

Image of Tracy HammondTracy Hammond


(Sketch recognition, gesture recognition, haptics, hand-tracking, artificial intelligence, human computer interfaces)

Image of Roozbeh JafariRoozbeh Jafari

Associate Professor

(Embedded systems, wearable computers, signal processing)

Image of Andruid KerneAndruid Kerne


(Human-centered computing, HCI, multitouch interaction, sensory interfaces, intelligent user interfaces, gesture recognition, creativity support tools, information visualization. | Serious games, wearable computing, body sensor networks, intelligent sensory devices, ubiquitous computing, social computing, multimedia)

Image of Jyh-Charn Liu 2016Jyh-Charn (Steve) Liu


(Real-time distributed computing systems, network performance and security, medical informatics)

Image of Rabi MahapatraRabi N. Mahapatra


(Embedded systems, system-on-chip, reconfigurable architectures, real-time systems, cyber infrastructure, semantic networks)

Image of Radu StoleruRadu Stoleru

Associate Professor

(Deeply embedded wireless sensor systems, distributed systems, embedded and real-time computing, computer networking)

Image of Daniel GoldbergDaniel Golberg (Courtesy Appointment)

Assistant Professor