Image of BettatiRiccardo Bettati


(Distributed real-time systems, scheduling algorithms, communication protocols, traffic analysis, and anonymity and privacy)

Juan Garay


(Cryptography and information security, Cryptographic protocols and schemes, Secure multiparty computation, Cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols, Cryptography and game theory, Network security, Distributed computing, Consensus problems, Algorithms)

Image of Guofei Gu 2016.jpgGuofei Gu

Associate Professor

(Network security, system security, intrusion detection, malware detection, analysis, and defense)

Image Of Jeff HuangJeff Huang

Assistant Professor

(Concurrent Software, Software Verification, Software Safety and Reliability)

Image of Jyh-Charn Liu 2016Jyh-Charn (Steve) Liu


(Real-time distributed computing systems, network performance and security, medical informatics)

Image of Dmitri LoguinovDmitri Loguinov


(Peer-to-peer networks, congestion control, Internet measurements, high-performance web crawling, massive-scale information retrieval, topology modeling, and stochastic analysis of networks)

Image of Daniel Ragsdale 2016.jpgDaniel Ragsdale

Professor of Practice

Image of Paul GratzPaul Gratz (Courtesy Appointment)

Associate Professor

Image of Maurice RojasJ. Maurice Rojas (Courtesy Appointment)