• Research Assistant Professor
Rozita Kian

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Middle East Technical University, Turkey, 2015
  • M.S., Sharif University of Technology, Iran, 2009
  • B.S., Sharif University of Technology, Iran, 2006

Research Interests

    • Tsunamis

    • Resonance effects in harbors (Wave and Current Amplification)

    • Sedimentation in coastal and river mouth

    • Flood hydrological assessment

    • Environmental fluid mechanics (Stratified Flows, Lake Dynamics)

Awards & Honors

  • (Research Proposal Funded) Development of two tsunami inundation maps in the GOM and inclusion of the USGS’ Yucatan landslide tsunami sources, DOC-NOAA-National Weather Service, Role: Texas A&M University Co-PI, Total Award: $233,344 (September 1, 2017-August 31, 2018)
  • Young Student Travel Grant to attend in AGU2015 conference, San Francisco, United States, 14-18 December, 2015
  • Young Scientist Travel Grant to attend in EGU2015 conference, Vienna, Austria, 12-17 April, 2015
  • Forecast Engineering Scholarship, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Summer School Grant, Germany, 15-29 August, 2014
  • TUBITAK Fellowship: 4 Years for Foreign Ph.D. students in Turkey, 2011-2015
  • Reviewer for Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering (JNGSE), [Elsevier]--- Journal of Fluids Engineering (FE), [ASME]--- Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (JMSE), [Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute]--- Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAAG), [Springer]--- Water, [Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute]

Selected Publications

  • Lynett, P., Gately, K., Wilson, R., Montoya, L., Arcas, D., Aytore, B., Bai, Y., … Zhang, Y. J., “Inter-Model Analysis of Tsunami-Induced Coastal Currents”, Ocean Modeling 114 (2017) 14-32, (including 38 co-authors).
  • Kian, R., Velioglu, D., Yalciner, A. C. and Zaytsev, A. (2016) “Effects of harbor shape on the tsunami induced sedimentation; L-Type Basin”, Journal of Marine and Science Engineering. 2016; 4(3):55
  • Velioglu, D., Kian, R., Yalciner, A. C. and Zaytsev, A. (2016) “Performance Assessment of NAMI DANCE in Tsunami Evolution and Currents Using a Benchmark Problem”, Journal of Marine and Science Engineering. 2016; 4(3):49
  • Yalciner, A.C., A. Zaytsev, B. Aytore, I. Insel, M. Heidarzadeh, R. Kian, and F. Imamura. (2014), "A possible submarine landslide and associated tsunami at the Northwest Nile Delta", Mediterranean Sea. Oceanography, 27(2):68–75.
  • Yalciner, A. C., Kian, R., Aytore, B., Zaytsev, A., 2015, “Harbors and Tsunami Threat; A case study in the Sea of Marmara”, E-Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress, Hague, Netherland, 28 Jun-3 July 2015
  • Kian, R., Yalciner, A. C. and Zaytsev, A, 2014, “Evaluating The Performance of Tsunami Propagation Models”, Bauhaus Summer School in Forecast Engineering: Global Climate change and the challenge for built environment, Weimar, Germany, 17-29 August 2014