Karen Butler-Purry


Associate Provost for Graduate Studies

Interim Vice President of Research


Office: ADMN 312D
Phone: 979.845.3631
Fax: 979.845.6259
Email: klbutler@tamu.edu

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Research Interests

  • Computer and Intelligent Systems Application to Power Distribution
  • Systems, Distribution Automation and Management, Fault Diagnosis
  • Estimation of Remaining Life of Transformers, Intelligent Reconfiguration
  • System Modeling and Simulation for Hybrid Vehicles


  • B.S. E.E. Southern Univeristy at Baton Rouge 1985
  • M.S. E.E. University of Texas at Austin 1987
  • Ph.D. E.E. Howard University 1994

Selected Publications

K.L. Butler, "Predictive Maintenance of Distribution Systems using Intelligent Systems," Invited Tutorial at Workshop on AI Techniques Applied to Electrical Distribution Systems,Dec. 18, 1996, Kanpur, India.

H.J. Do Carmo and K.L. Butler, "Computer Transformer Models for Prediction of Aging and Deterioration, Proceedings of 1996 North American Power Symposium, Nov. 1996, Boston, MA., pp. 101-108.

K.L. Butler, K.M. Stevens, and M. Ehsani, "A Versatile Computer Simulation Tool for Design and Analysis of Electric and Hybrid Drive Trains," Proceedings of 1997 Society of Automotive Engineers Conference, Feb.1997, Detroit, MI.

K.L. Butler, J. Momoh, L. Dias, and D. Sobaiic, "An Approach to Power Distribution Fault Diagnosis using Neural Net based Supervised Clustering Methodology," International Journal of Engineering Intelligent Systems, March 1997, pp. 51-57.

K.L. Butler and H. Do Carmo, "Modeling of Transformers for Determination of Aging and Deterioration," Proceedings of the 1996 Rural Electric Power Conference, April 1996, Fort Worth, Texas.

G. Garcia, N. Stubbs, and K. Butler, "Relative Performance Evaluation of Pattern Recognition Models for Non-Destructive Damage Detection," Proceedings of 1996 SPIE Symposium on Smart Structures and Materials, February 26-29, 1996, San Diego, CA.

K. Butler, "An Expert System Based Framework for Incipient Failure Detection and Predictive Maintenance," Proceedings of 1996 Intelligent System Application to Power Systems Conference, January 1996, pp. 321-326.

K. Butler, "Intelligent Prediction of Transformer Remaining Life," Invited Presentation to PES Working Group on Intelligent Systems Applications to T & D Problems, 1996 PES Winter Meeting, January 1996.

N. Stubbs and K. Butler, "A Decision Support System to Predict Casualties in Multi-Hazardous Environments," Proceedings of Natural Hazard Mitigation Grantees Workshop, April, 1995.

Karen L. Butler. "Neural Networks Application to Power Systems," Invited Tutorial, Presented to Engineers at the National Electric Power Authority, January 1995, Nigeria, Africa.

Karen L. Butler. "Neural Networks for Distribution System State Estimation," Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Power Systems Operations and Planning, January 1995, Nigeria, Africa.