Locker Information

  • Only Chemical Engineering students may check out a locker.
  • Initial locker check-outs must be made in person at either the ChE Front office or room 117E
  • Only one locker per student
  • Locker renewals will be on an academic year (Sept-May) basis. Locker renewals will be done via e-mail. It is the student's responsibility to renew lockers each year.
  • Lockers not renewed must be emptied before the end of finals. The department will check lockers not renewed between each year, removing and storing items for one additional semester. Unclaimed items will be considered disposable.
  • Lockers are for academic storage purposes only. Do not store food, chemicals, or dangerous materials in these lockers
  • Students are solely responsible for the contents o the lockers they check out.
  • Lockers may be inspected by ChE, emergency, or security personnel at any time.