two women engineers sitting on ground behind two robots

Women in Engineering

The Women in Engineering (WE) program is a collegewide effort to create an inclusive environment at Texas A&M University. WE’s goal is to eliminate the underrepresentation of women by engaging students, professionals and advocates who support the advancement of women in engineering majors, the workforce and academic careers. All are welcome to engage with WE and encourage the development and success of undergraduate, graduate and faculty women. WE programs and events are open to all students in the College of Engineering.

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WE encourages students to engage in interdisciplinary technical project teams. In partnership with the SuSu and Mark A. Fischer '72 Engineering Design Center, project teams are led by undergraduate students to encourage women to pursue leadership positions and to enhance building technical skills outside the classroom.

WE offers workshops and initiatives for both prospective and current students. While the focus of the workshops is to increase overall recruitment and retention of female engineering students, WE provides opportunities to students of all genders to engage with peers, faculty and corporate sponsors.

Get with the program! WE programs and student engagement are made possible through partnerships, collaborations and support from industry and former students.

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