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For Texas A&M University students working on their own product idea or startup, the time will come when their own time and money won’t be enough to reach their next milestone. One approach to receive nondilutive funding is through grants and prize money. Below are some examples of the grants and prizes available to early-stage entrepreneurs.

Example 1:
You have an idea and design for a physical product and need money and materials.
What can help? An engineering entrepreneurship grant.
Amount available: Less than $250.
How do I apply? Contact Chris Curran at

Example 2:
You are ready to interview prospective customers to test your business idea and need travel expenses for in-person meetings.
What can help? The National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program.
Amount available: $3,000.
How do I sign up? Complete the 2022 fall Texas A&M NSF I-Corps site program application.