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ENGR 262/462/662 (Fall) - Engineering Entrepreneurship Hour | 1 Credit

Engaging students with successful technology entrepreneurs nationwide; learning about the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and their strategies in launching and sustaining businesses on technology innovation; networking with highly successful entrepreneurs and developing relations valuable to professional careers.

ENGR 311/611 (Spring) - Enterprise Basics for Technical Entrepreneurs | 3 Credits

Aspects of entrepreneurship for a technical enterprise; elements of business including idea generation, startup financing, staffing, product design and production, marketing and selling a product; focus on the front end of the venture; product design and development, financing, identifying and attracting key personnel, and starting up a company. Prerequisites: Admission to the College of Engineering.

ENGR 312/612 (Fall) - Sales, Operations and Manufacturing for Technology Companies | 3 Credits

Challenges faced in a startup entity with respect to product manufacturing, operations and supply chain management, product pricing strategies, and sales and marketing; focus on small startup to young mid-size enterprises. Prerequisites: Junior or senior classification in the College of Engineering.

ENGR 421/621 (Fall) - Technology Company Management, Leadership and Corporate Culture | 3 Credits

Strategic challenges related to enterprise management and leadership; establishing and maintaining a sustainable brand; developing an effective corporate culture; dealing with global competition; case studies in strategic thinking. Prerequisites: Junior or senior classification in the College of Engineering.

ENGR 461/661 (Spring) - Product Lean Launch for Engineers | 3 Credits

Exercises in the creation of an engineering-centric business using lean startup principles; customer and market validation; value proposition creation; minimum viable product (MVP) development; customer value chain discovery; communication skill training; and development of a business model canvas for a student-developed engineering product idea.

ENGR 461/661 (Spring) - Product Lean Launch: Innovate 4 Defense | 3 Credits

This section will focus on solutions using Hacking for Defense TM problems sponsored by the Department of Defense. It will engage students with the defense and intelligence communities to rapidly address the nation’s emerging threats and security challenges. Must interview in order to be admitted to this course. Prerequisite: junior or senior classification in the College of Engineering. Required for the C3 Certificate. Sign up.

MEEN 489/689 (Spring) - Developing an Innovation Mindset | 3 Credits

Cultivate your creativity and apply techniques to increase innovation in your design, research, and business activities. Innovativeness is strongly correlated to value creation, and mindset is changeable! The Observe-Reflect-Create-Act Cycle, processes of Serial Innovators, and Lean Experimentation will help you “build to learn” and increase your trajectory of performance improvement. Studio sessions are opportunities to apply concepts and receive personal coaching. Class concepts will be applied to team design/research projects for increased impact. Prerequisite: junior or senior classification in the College of Engineering.

PETE 453 (Spring) - Petroleum Entrepreneurship | 3 Credits

Exploration of the various aspects of entrepreneurship with a focus on petroleum asset valuation and prospect analysis in the energy sector; exposure to all aspects of the journey including business idea generation, raising early-stage capital, staffing the enterprise, developing the business plan and selling the concept to investors. Prerequisite: PETE 353

 Students working on the C3 certificate can also include other elective courses. More information about the C3 certificate is available on our C3 Certificate website.